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Virginia is an established and well regarded British painter, best known as animalier, she paints mainly in oil, water colour and pastel.  Virginia portrays what she understands, knows and loves.

Virginia Pope, born 1949 in the Cherry Valley, Oxon, moved to Devonshire in 1954 to an ancient thatched longhouse just a quick canter down the lane from Dartmoor. Over the years this awe inspiring wilderness has never been out of view to her, it is her passion and from whence much of her work evolves.

Virginia lives with her family at the top of Dornaford Moor, with panoramic views to Dartmoor proper, her studio is the converted end of a long 1940’s chicken hut. During the summer months when the studio door is flung open, I have seen the points of reference strolling in and out of there, including, donkeys, dogs, chickens and a turkey once. Rabbit does favour the underneath of the studio for raising their kittens. I can vouch for that!

Virginia’s time out, the garden, the animals and more Dartmoor, not time off, whilst there is all this to see, the painting process never stops.

Mr MacGregor

‘Fox’s Larder’  

Oil on maple board, bracken, gold leaf, pheasant feathers, butterfly wings, crushed eggshell, crushed snail shell, mouse bones and beetle’s leg

A new body of mixed media work is underway!