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‘Over her garden wall’ Oil on canvas 93 x 73 cms

‘This ride was my delight, I love all waste and solitary places, where we taste the pleasure of believing what we see is boundless, as we wish our souls to be.’  Shelley. Julian and Maddalo.


‘Blue Orpington Hens’ Pastel 79 x 66 cms

‘Sheepish’ Oil impasto on canvas 66 x 56 cms

‘Snail’ Oil on canvas with gold leaf 26 x 28 cms

This old snail was too big for the thrush, she should stick to the striped varieties, thwarted she rudely said ‘You’re no oil painting anyway’ and the snail thought ‘well you may be wrong there’.  VP

‘Hot gossip’

Charcoal 43 x 54 cms

‘Poached egg’

Watercolour 41 x 36 cms

‘Never lose touch with silly’ Humphrey Lyttelton