‘Hooves in the Heather’


‘Hooves in the Heather’ – Hardback book written and illustrated by Virginia Pope.


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Delighted to receive some feedback from Jon Jackson.  In his own words he has no equestrian background, but a love of horses in their wild environment.  Here are some of Jon’s comments on different parts of the book:-

‘Bellever – an enchanted forest – Pinto Pony’

“This story has the ability, similar to Tolkien, to transport you into another world.  It quite literally takes you to the side of the water and into the world Ginnie is describing.”

‘The Pickpockets’

“Incredible!  Ginnie has not only spent hours observing these beautiful animals, but also understands them so very clearly.” 

Prints available on request

‘Arthur Hurn at Tor Royal 1917-1930, then onto the Warren House Inn’

“This really demonstrates Ginnie’s ability to completely change her style of writing – capturing the whole Hurn family resilience and true spirit.”


“Magical.  You really do see, smell and feel the animal’s incredible journey, just by reading, and for someone who has observed these animals so well, Ginnie is able to convey this to a non horsey person – brilliant.”